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The current pandemic of Covid-19 has affected every single industry negatively and has shut down their businesses and the market chain. All of this happened when none of the industries where prepared to face what is coming ahead. This has not only affected businesses, but also every individual. Most people don’t even understand the seriousness of the situation due to lack of awareness. One person, can make a huge difference if he knows his role. On a real-time basis, it is necessary for every individual to be updated with every news from the government, health care etc.

LED display screens can play an important role in disaster management by creating awareness and educating people to understand their responsibility as a citizen and act accordingly. Statistics show that digital signage is currently trending and effective, as it attracts a lot of viewers than the traditional methods of displaying information. This can be helpful in engaging people and also remind them frequently to follow during the pandemic.

Given the current situation, hospitals are places with a high risk of getting affected by the virus. Using LED display screens can prevent socialising and a large group of people gathering in one place.  These screens can display the availability of medicines, doctors and their timings so people don’t be at hospitals for a longer time. Hospitals, Police station, or other main junctions can display the precautions to make people active towards safety actions. LED display screens can also be placed at entrances of various shopping zones reminding people not to touch a lot of things and take up only things that are necessary. They can also show tips on how to sanitize their hands after touching products.  Outdoor places like railway stations, bus stops etc can display accurate messages, important local notices, live news or other updates happening in the country. It is necessary for every individual to be aware of everything happening around, digital displays installed at various outdoor places can be a real-time information providing platform for people. These display screens can educate people with the symptoms, do’s and don’ts in order to be safe and healthy. This is how digital signage can help during disasters to create awareness and spread essential information at prime locations.