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Customers expect instant access to information at the sight or touch of a screen, so they are more responsive to information displayed digitally. Most businesses are moving to digital solutions which have a lot of advantages over traditional methods. LED display screens have flexibility, they can store robust data and they provide more return on investment than traditional advertising methods. Digital signage is very secure, it keeps the information safe. Content can be loaded in different formats such as audio, video, image and text.

With the increase in technology, businesses can capture their customers by showing targeted content, their loyalty and they can drive the customers to the content they actually want. LED video walls can be purchased or hired at a lower price as it is less complex and simpler to maintain. Display screens are great in locations where the target audience is either sitting or standing for a long time. These display screens scroll messages so that consumers can view the message as it appears in the looped cycle.

There are a lot of factors to be considered so that the information effectively reaches the target audience. The information conveyed must have engaging content. A black or white text should be used and other colours can be included through images. There should be a lot of contrast on the screen, a light colour text should be used on a dark background and vice versa. Timing should be slow so that the audience can consume the information. If the screen frequency is too fast, the viewer might get frustrated and won’t be able to digest all of the content. Leaving the screen for too long can also be equally damaging to the content. In order to keep brand recognition, keep brand colours running throughout the display screens.

Locations, where consumers have long waiting times such as check-out lines, customer service, vending booths, elevators etc or places where there is heavy traffic, is good for digital signage. Choosing the right software and application is important to a successful display screen deployment. The software determines everything from security to monitoring to integration and this leads to good customer experience. Engaging and informative content is very essential, this increases awareness among customers. Through LED display screens, businesses and organizations have been gaining value by enhancing consumer experience and also expanding their reach among customers.