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During this Covid-19 pandemic, most states have been maintaining stay at home orders. Most healthcare experts suggest that the only option to reduce the spread is by staying safe, staying informed, staying home and staying disinfected. In order to maintain social distancing, it is important to have contactless interactions. The traditional methods of creating awareness through pamphlets, posters, newspapers etc will not be advisable. Hence, installing LED display screens at several locations in the city can become an important source of information to the people. These display screens have a dynamic visual and this attracts a lot of people. Through this, they can be well informed and aware of things happening around. LED display screens to have a centralized solution, through which multiple screens across the city can show various safety measures and news updates that develop hope in the minds of viewers to fight back positively. 

At the same time, these displays also enhances the efficiency and modernizes the entire infrastructure of the city. India is a huge country with diverse population, so spreading an emergency message at the right time is always a challenge. Installing LED display screens at various locations in the city can be an information providing platform. Different companies and brands use these boards to advertise their products and services. Through this, you can reach out to your target audience and engage them with creative content. LED video walls are energy efficient – they consume very little electricity and are available at a lesser cost. It has a lot of applications such as digital hoardings, outdoor LED video walls, scoreboard or real-time information display at airport and stations etc. 

LED display screens have a lot of benefits, it can transform a normal city into a smart city, where people are proactive and more informed about the happenings. LED displays are the best information providing solutions to a huge audience at the same time. It is a one-time investment; it has a long life and can be maintained easily. It can withstand any kind of weather. Taking into consideration the current situation, it is essential to install these display screens at various locations in the city to keep every individual informed with timely updates. It is necessary to stay home and practice good hygiene during this pandemic. So, stay home and stay safe!